Fish 'n' Chips
A dish that's always popular.
Comes with home-made chunky chips.

Fillet Steak


Mixed German
Shrimp Cakes
  One of the most popular
Thai food appetisers.

Chiang Mai Sausage


Fried Rice in


Bangers n Mash
English style pork sausages with
mashed potato and gravy.

Smoked Salmon


       Beef Stew               "Scouse"

Spring Rolls
With honey and chilli sauce.
A great snack or appetiser.

Hokkien Noodles

Pad Thai

Steak & Kidney Pie
The most popular of our pies.

Lamb Chops

Cordon Bleu
Pork or Chicken

Tom Yam Goong
Spicy Tom Yam Soup.
As spicy as you like.


Tom Kha Gai


T-Bone Steak
With home-made chunky chips
& mixed salad

Whole grilled
Pork Leg

Pork Chop

Beef in Oyster sauce.

Grilled Fish

Fresh spicy

Satisfaction Guaranteed .
We try to do our best when it comes to preparing the food but we do appreciate that, first of all, different people have different tastes and secondly, for one reason or another, we may not always get it right. For that reason we have a 'no quibble' guarantee on all food items. If our food doesn't meet your standards , we will gladly change it for something else. If you don't want to try something else, we won't charge you for the meal. Fair enough?

Sample Menu
T-Bone Steak  with chips and salad 290
Fillet Steak  with chips and  salad 290
New Zealand Lamb Chops , with boiled potatoes and vegetables 380
Liver, Bacon & Onions with mashed potato & gravy 220
"Fish 'n' Chips"     190
"Bangers 'n' Mash"  (Pork sausage with mashed potato and gravy) 190
Steak & Kidney pie  with mashed potato & vegetables 190
Pork sausage, egg, chips and baked beans 190
Home-made Cottage Pie   

Beef Stew "Scouse"    



Grilled Pork leg with mashed potato & sauerkraut                                         

Salmon Steak with boiled potatoes and vegetables                                      

Pork Chop with mashed potato and vegetables

Thai Food

Deep-fried Spring rolls with Pork (Por-pia tord) 120
Fried Shrimp cakes (Tord man gung) 120
Fried spicy Chiangmai pork sausage (Sai-ua tord) 120
Spicy soup (Tom yam) with pork, chicken or shrimps 120
Green curry with pork, or chicken 110
Pe-nang curry with pork or chicken 110
Fried rice with pork, or chicken 100
Fried noodles with pork, or chicken 100
Fried Whole Fish with garlic & pepper  (Pink Nile Perch)  260
Stir-fried sweet and sour pork or chicken 100
Stir-fried chicken with cashew-nuts


Stir-Fried chicken with fresh ginger
Grilled Shrimps

All our Prices include tax and service charge - no add-ons!!
  The Red Lion. 123 Loi Kroh Rd., Night  Bazaar, T. Changklan, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand.