We have a  great selection of beers including Draught Guinness and Heineken. We also stock the local Thai favourite beers, Singha , Chang and Leo,plus a wide selection of imported beers from 
Belgium and Germany as well as 
Ciders and Ales from England, including Old Speckled Hen, Marston's Pedigree, Hobgoblin Gold .

We have the best selection of Cider in town - Thatcher's Gold, 
Thatcher's Haze, Rose and Green Goblin as well as Kingstone Press Pear Cider
吉尼斯草案  比利时啤酒  德国啤酒 英国啤酒 鸡尾酒

Cocktails and Spirits
The most popular Cocktails are Mai Tai and Singapore Sling, and at only 99 baht they're a great bargain too. We also have a full range of Whiskey's, Spirits, and Liqueuers.