We have a wide selection of Local and imported beers including Draught Guinness and Heineken, English Ales and Ciders as well as  Belgian and German favourites. We also sell wine & spirits as well as Cocktails.

British Ales

Tetley's Smooth Ale

  • Tetley's Smooth Ale is based on Tetley's famous Bitter. Smooth and creamy it's one of the most popular smooth ales in Britain.

Old Specled Hen

OSH was first brewed in 1979 to commemorate 50 years of the MG factory in Oxfordshire.  A blend of Challenger, Pilgrim and Golding's hops.

Greene King IPA

  • An easy drinking session Ale with a hoppy taste and aroma making it clean, crisp and very moreish. Award winning beer with a prestigious Gold Monde award.

Marston's Pedigree

  • An amber malty ale with a taste ofbiscuity malt, spicy hops and light fruitiness. It goes well with darker meats, roast beef and sausages.

English Ciders

Thatchers Gold

Thatchers Haze

Thatchers Rose

Green Goblin

International Beers



Erdinger Weissbier

Erdinger Dunkel